Circular to all importers    Intellectual Property Rights    Imitated and counterfeit goods is prohibited    Mechanism of Goods Movement among the GCC States
Import Procedures (Land ports)Import Procedures (Airports)Import Procedures (Seaports)
Documents Required To Be Attached To The Import Declaration Upon Importation of GoodsPersonal Effects Clearance Procedures Incoming)Personal Effects Export Procedures
Temporary AdmissionTemporary Export ProceduresTemporary Export Procedures At Seaports
Documents Required For Temporary ExportFinal Export ProceduresContainers Entry To Customs Areas Allotted For Final Export Procedures Seaports
Consignment Under-Valuation Proceduresrocedures For Handling Imitated And Counterfeit ConsignmentCountry Of Origin Procedures
Departing Vehicle Registration ProceduresArrival Procedures At Land portsArrival Procedures At Seaports
Arrival Procedures At AirportsLeft-out Luggage ProceduresCustoms Brokers' Entry To Customs Office
Visitors' Entry To Customs OfficeVisitors' Entry To Customs TerminalDetained Items Procedures
Loaded Trucks & Containers Entry Procedures "Kingdom-DutiableEmpty Trucks Entry ProceduresLoaded trucks Exit Procedures (Export)
Re-Export ProceduresTruck Entry Procedures For Loading Purposes From the Customs Office (Seaports, Dry port)Consignment Exist Through Customs Office Gate Procedures (Seaports, Dry port)
Loaded Transit Truck Entry ProceduresEmpty Transit Truck Entry ProceduresEmpty And Loaded Transit Truck Exit Procedures
Departing Transit ProceduresArriving Transit ProceduresTransit Procedures At Airports
Assessment Of Vehicles Customs Duty
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