Program Conditions

What Are the Requirements for Becoming an AEO?

  • Compliance with the requirements of Customs and lack of criminal offences relating to your customs activity or other economic activity in the last 3 years.
  • A proper record keeping system in electronic form.
  • Financial solvency for parent company and subsidiaries.
  • The appointment of a responsible contact person with extensive corporate knowledge of customs related matters to provide information and raise awareness and evolvement of the establishment.
  • A policy for security focused training and awareness for personnel/staff.
  • Have satisfactory procedures for verifying the accuracy of Customs declarations and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrate that the following safety measures in regards to:
    • Containers (Cargo)
    • Transport
    • Company premises, warehouses, and facilities.
    • Ensure security of staff and workers.
  • Ensure adherence of business partners to security standards.
  • Have efficient system of crisis management and incident recovery.
  • Able to track key performance indicators to improve the general performance, reduce risks, and enhance security.

What are the advantages of AEO status?

The Saudi Customs AEO Program provides many advantages to its approved participants:
  • Dedicated fast lane at all points of entry.
  • Prioritized over non-AEO shipments in all customs procedures.
  • Possibility to clear goods prior to arrival/departure
  • Possibility to have the goods released before payment through bank guarantees.
  • Reduced physical inspection.
  • Possibility of physical inspections to be carried out at the warehouse or storages of the AEO.
  • Benefit from similar programs in other countries with MRA in place.
  • Use of AEO logo in marketing materials.
  • A dedicated Account Manager to assist it with issues related to Customs.