Land Ports Development Projects

As a step towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, Saudi Customs has developed through newly established Entity Program Management Office (EPMO).
The EPMO has developed 5 Years Projects Portfolio Plan (5YPPP) aimed at improving all Land Port crossing from KSA to neighboring countries.
In implementing the 5YPPP one or all of the following benefits will be achieved:
  • Enhancing Safety & Security
  • Increasing Asset Capacity & Efficiency
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Economic Prosperity & Revenue Generation

The Land Ports Development Projects also have a range of ongoing projects legacy projects at the existing land ports and these are depicted in the map below. img Saudi Customs also has a program of works that leads to development of operation and maintenance on the existing and future assets.
Another objective behind the Land Ports Development projects is to strive, raise aspirations and provide the development and implementation of a standard prototype design applying best international practices. The EPMO also established policies and procedures to develop, design, contract and handover to operation of any new facilities for the concept of operation of the land port facilities. In development of the 5YPPP the Saudi Customs will establish realistic objectives for development and agree what is physically, economically and socially needed in the area. The Saudi Customs Land Port Development Projects will endeavor to respect the local community, work with the local community and industry leaders and will respect the local customs and environment that maybe impacted by the projects. In doing the above Saudi Customs will also aim to increase the Local Content for every project at hand.
Concept Prototype Development to Improve and Enhance, Safety & Security, Land Port Capacity & Efficiency, Customer Experience and Economic Growth in the Kindgom.
The main objective for the EPMO is to establish and operate the PMO in an integrated fashion and assume the following:
  1. Develop and implement appropriate management plans and procedures for Saudi Customs PMO within overall framework of Mashroat “White Book” processes and procedures.
  2. Develop a land port prototype and implement on new land ports or as part of remediation at existing land ports where applicable.
  3. Assume responsibility for managing delivery of new projects. Support the delivery of the ongoing projects (legacy Projects).
  4. Develop existing Saudi Customs staff through capability assessments and comprehensive on-the-job learning.
  5. Recruit Saudi graduate and junior engineers, through the PMC consultant, and integrate them into existing Saudi Customs team to deliver the Land Port Improvement Projects.
  6. Provide a safe, clean and well-maintained physical environment to achieve the Land Ports Improvements Projects aspirations.