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Port development projects

As a step towards the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Saudi Customs has teamed up with key public and private sector partners to pioneer international best practices in the design, development and operation of port infrastructure.

We strengthen the Kingdom’s economy by improving all land crossing between the Kingdom and neighboring countries, while operating and handing over key facilities at air and sea ports.

World-leading land ports

We have designed a state-of-the-art land port prototype that will be implemented on new land ports and adapted for existing ones around the Kingdom.

Increased Capacity

  • Multiple lanes separating passenger vehicles from trucks.
  • Designed with future expansion in mind across all port facilities.

Efficient movement

  • Rapid Clearance adopting 20/80 rule: inspecting 20% of vehicles and allowing 80% to proceed.
  • Express lanes for trucks that use the Fasah pre-clearance system.
  • Dedicated lanes for Red Crescent and Civil Defense emergency access.
  • Helipad for air ambulance and other uses.

Advanced security

  • Inbound Screening Facilities with an array of state-of-the-art technologies that enable 100% vehicle screening and minimize secondary inspection and physical intervention.
  • Joint Operations Centers where data is analyzed and transmitted within seconds.

Improved work environment

  • Efficient, productive state-of the-art office space and amenities combine to create a first-rate work environment for administrative staff.

Improved travel experience

  • Separate areas for cargo and passengers.
  • Arrival and departure terminals for travelers including amenities like shops and children play areas.

Sustainable & local content

  • Use of sustainable, cost-efficient materials and renewable energy sources.
  • Deployment of over 60% local construction materials to support the national economy.

Stage Gate

Project Stage Gate is a methodology for managing construction projects from start to completion through to handover, using the following project lifecycle stages.


Our land port prototype has been meticulously designed in close partnership with key stakeholders to serve all entities at the ports.

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