It is a compulsory procedure required for each traveler to or from the Kingdom, in case they have any currency, monetary instruments, gold bullions or precious metals, precious stones, fine jewelry valued at SR‏60,000 ‏ or more.

This procedure is in accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of the Anti-Money Laundering Law issued by Royal Decree (M / 20) dated 5/2/1439 H. Also, goods which are subject to prohibition, restriction or taxes and fees, shall be disclosed, in accordance with the provisions of Article 60 of the Common Customs Law ratified by Royal Decree (M / 41) dated 3/11/1423.

Why should I provide a declaration or disclosure?

To ensure the soundness of your position and protect yourself from being charged with money laundering, smuggling or evasion of tax and duties.


Items that require filling out the Declaration form

  • eqrar

    Cash that worth 60,000 SAR or more

  • eqrar

    60,000 SAR worth of jewellery and precious stones

  • eqrar

    Goods or Gifts in commerial quantities

  • eqrar

    Goods with Excise Tax

  • eqrar

    Goods and Restricted Items

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How to declare?

1.Declaration forms can be
filled out manually or electronically
The traveler shall fill out the declaration form manually* and sign it, or submit the declaration electronically through the Saudi Customs website or application, save the declaration reference number, and prepare all relevant documentation required to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
* The declaration paper form is available at all ports across the Kingdom.
2. Declaration shall be submitted
to the Customs declaration or
disclosure office
In the air and sea ports, these offices are located after the flight registration counters before entering the departure lounge. For arrivals, the offices are after passports control. At land ports, the offices are located before the Customs checkpoint of the arrivals and before the check-out offices of the departures.

Penalties and Fines

What will happen If I fail to submit a declaration while carrying an amount that equal to or exceeds SR‏ 60,000?

A monetary fine of 25% of the seized value is imposed for the first violation and 50% of its value for repeat violation.

in accordance with the provisions of Article 23/6 of the Regulations for the Anti-Money Laundering Law, only if the suspicion of a relation between these seizures and an original crime or money laundering offense is negated. If the suspicion of a relation between the seizures and an original crime or money laundering offense remains, the full amount will be seized and the violator will be referred to the Public Prosecution and then to the competent court, which may order the confiscation of the full amount and imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding 5 million riyals or both.

What are the consequences If I don’t declare prohibited or restricted items?

All these materials and items will be confiscated, customs fine will be imposed, and you will be referred to the relevant authorities in the event of carrying prohibited materials.

The case may be referred to the Customs court, which may decide to convict the person of smuggling, confiscation of seizures, fines or imprisonment or both. The penalty shall be doubled if the violation is repeated.