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The e-Declaration facilitates the procedures for your arrival and departure without the need to wait and also protects you from legal liability, to know the details of the declaration, you can see Customs declaration information.

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  • I hereby acknowledge that this e-Declaration is owned by General Customs Authority which has the rights to use the information entered for statistical purposes related to its work
  • I take full responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the information provided by me
  • I am responsible for the consequences of my use of the Electronic Acknowledgment for the intended purposes, such as custom duty, taxes, or other financial obligations applied by the General Customs Authority
  • I further assume full responsibility in case the General Customs Authority ascertained that the information provided by me is incorrect, and violates the applicable regulations and legislation; and, then, I shall be subject to legal accountability
  • Refund of the collected amounts (duty and taxes) is not allowed except in the case of referring to the declaration office at the entrance port upon arrival to the kingdom and before leaving the port so that the correspondence of possession can be carried out by the customs officer

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I acknowledge that all entered information is correct, and if it becomes clears otherwise, I assume full legal responsibility