The Policy of Quality and Organizational Excellence

The General Customs Authority is dedicated to performing its core functions to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015 through the creation and application of the Quality Management System, which contributes to the accomplishment of its vision and mission.

The Authority is also keen to preserve and develop the Quality System by way of the following objectives:

Strategic planning to achieve quality goals and meet the demands of customers, partners and related beneficiaries.

- Periodic follow-up of the Authority’s activities, projects and performance evaluation for appropriate action to be taken, and enhancing the effectiveness of quality systems and the customer experience.

- Raising awareness and spreading the culture of quality and institutional excellence at all levels.

Providing the necessary resources and infrastructure to improve the provided services towards an overall customer satisfaction

Continuous training for the Authority’s staff to develop their capacity and endow them with the skills needed to offer outstanding services and solutions.